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What is Grade Indicator

Ground level signs on a concrete slab base, with a number and an upward or downward pointing arrow, indicating a grade. A number ‘500’, for instance, indicates a grade of 1 in 500. Black...


How many rakes does a train require?-

If there are no complications because of 3-way rake-sharing and so on, it is easy to figure out the number of rakes that are needed for any particular train service. Assuming 1-2 hours a...


news item

As per the hindu of today Railway Minister has told press persons in Bellary that all railway projects of previous govt will be completedd


Naming of SMET-SBC EXP

Kannada Prabha and Deccan Herald from Shimoga reports today about submitting a representation to the MOR to name the proposed bi-weekly exp between SBC-SMET as TUNGA EXP


what is catch siding In Indian Railway

In ghat sections it is so required that sometimes the train has to go downslope…and in such a case you can understand the efficiency required for stopping a train in terms of brake.The braking...


Break Journey Rules

1. This facility is not available to passengers traveling by Rajdhani/Shatbadi/Jan shatbadi express trains. 2. This facility is not permitted short of the station up to which reservation has been done. 3. Inentation to...


wedges used In Indian Railway

These are called as wedges. They are put on either side of a wheel (between wheel and rail) of a parked vehicle, a locomotive in this case. It’s purpose is to secure the vehicle...


VCD means Vigilance Control Device

LAX-VCD-D is micro controller based equipment designed and manufactured to enhance the safety of the locomotive operation by ensuring the alertness of the crew all the time. The system is multi-resetting type and operates...